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Horoscope 2012 Leo

horoscope 2011 leoJuly 23 - August 22

Horoscope : GENERAL

Here finally of true facilities which arrive in your life, this year. After these two years strongly tinted by Saturn, here Uranus which comes in reinforcement into trigonal to your Sun. What will give you an energy increased to advance in your projects, with more effectiveness. And without losing your realism there! Your more eruptive emotivity will be confronted with circumstances which will mobilize you. Your capacities the creative ones are supported, you are with the first cabins of the Destiny. This year 2012 will enable you to reactualize your daily newspaper according to the innovations which emergent in your life, in parallel with your major aspirations.


You will work with more facilities of concentration, this year. In spite of household stirs up which is done in your professional entourage, your activity goes to intensify itself so much from the relational point of view than basic work in itself, which goes him also to increase. Your heart with work will be worth you to be the point of stability within your team, you provide readily efforts not involved than ordinary, which will be worth you the sympathy of your entourage. You tend in spite of very to making some too much and to encroach hard of the roles who do not return to you. Be careful not to create conflicts thus, without you to give an account of it! The last two months of the year are most profitable in terms of concrete results. It will be the moment to put gum to tie contacts and trade agreements.


The aspects of Venus and Uranus to your sign will make hatch handing-over in questions, transformations, as much in yourself than through your relations. You are satisfied badly with the routine, but that will still take larger proportions this year. A thirst for discoveries generates in you attitudes more distinct than d' ordinary. You will not be able to prevent yourselves causing your partner, from surprising it, so that he reveals himself also the bottom of his desires. And if you start with the beginning, that is to be said to speak about your own desires? You will test some difficulties of doing it simply. What will make you hope that your partner guesses them, where to express them can also push you a too abrupt way. You will have the privilege to live intense moments, without having the weight of the responsibility for the engagement which too often weighs you. The meetings which you will make the last three months of the year are richer in common complicity, division, ideals, fraternity. If you are single, this period will be lucky and very favourable with a radical change of lifestyle. What will be ideal to completely turn the page with your past. If you are in this moment in couple, it will be the era of the whole or nothing, intense passion, or the old tensions which re-appear…. That you will wish to solve as soon as possible! Put diplomacy, free to spend to with it more time.


You are more inclined this year to fill your savings here. Indeed, the influences of the Sun and Jupiter in aspect with your sign initially push you to more highly take conscience of the speed with which money spins you between the fingers. But you will be thorough with further going that and anticipating on your budget with more reason that ordinary. This is continuity which is announced concerning your immediate re-entries of money. On the other hand, you continue to seek possibilities of profits, which will come only from your audacity. The chance with you for is very disentangled legal or administrative in autumn and winter particularly. This is the moment to supplement your files once and for all !


Jupiter and Uranus into trigonal with your sector indicate external circumstances which push you to too often camp on your positions. You have evil to accept effort for a compromise, which however, could all arrange very quickly. Fear to make a large sacrifice slows down you too much. Take time to evaluate the situations with more generosity, and all will become simpler and positive. The Saturn transit in opposition to Uranus can cause tendencies to melancholy, with the spleen compared to your past, which you will have tendency to idealize. Thus speak to the people who know this past, and you will manage to more easily relativize your vision of the things. Mercury develops your creativity in the direction of radical changes. Do not put the plough before oxen, structure your actions !


The impulses of the Sun, your driving star, lead you with excesses, the beginning of the year. This is in particular your digestive system which is the first in line of sight. Remain reasonable and coherent beyond your accesses of greediness, the hunger this is anything else! A certain psychic greed pushes you too far in certain tastings, which can be reflected on all the pleasures of this world. From May, your dynamism will intensify, in particular on the driving and muscular level. You enter during one ideal time to prepare a competition, a basic drive, or more simply to begin a general back in shape. The last three months of the year will see you in full form, there still this is excesses d' action which watches for you, think of preserving your time of sleep !

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