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Horoscope 2014 Pisces

horoscope 2014 piscesFebruary 20 - March 20

Horoscope : PANORAMA

This year 2014 will announce news of the order as possible, likely to return to your existence, and for good number of them will be quite unusual. The influx of Uranus leaving your sign is strengthened because of the influence of Saturn in a friend sign. Your inspiration takes you into the unknown, new horizons, in all areas. This wind of change takes you to the diversity and qualifies your old conceptions of life, judgments of values, to admit more easily some of your needs too often turned away in the past.


The presence of Saturn in Trine to your Sun you inspired this year more than ever competing needs of social recognition, a certain form of power and at the same time a need to let go, which is not easily reconcilable in the same amount of time. You will need to make additional efforts in organization practice to both your needs and your requirements. The presence of Jupiter in Trine to your sign left include a few disagreements, if you work as a team. It will be less easy to find peace and serenity necessary in a collective work...


The astrological trends of this year 2014 you strongly aspire to new experiences. The universality of love becomes fascinating and gives you wings to go to the front of innovations in a broad sense. You will find yourself confronted to circumstances which will help better understand you yourself in your sensitivity and your emotional fashion. Your own reactions will be more revealing than ever to your aspirations. The influxes of Saturn in Trine to your sign reinforce the intake of Mercury. What gives you more daring to evolve your sentimental achievement? You feel more legitimacy to your personal desires, which strengthens your power of seduction. In fact, more natural and spontaneous, successful brother will be easy! If you are currently in a relationship, you will have facilities to fully expose your aspirations, in calm and serenity. And when even your partner is not quite your opinion, you can do without too much penalty to make you understand, without imposing... What is even more effective in the end! If you are in this single moment, the meetings that you will make during the first three months of the year will be high in emotions and sensuality. Do not toast the stages of commitment and everything will be fine.


Material money your will be linked mainly to your work, in the reality of the facts, as well as in your mind. You may lack of energy devote you to financial transactions, mainly during the months of June and July 2014. On the other hand everything that is related to research is promoted. If you are looking to buy a House, for example, you will have the best chance of making a positive investment at the beginning of the year. Jupiter inflows combined with Saturn and addition to the Sun and mercury will help having spectacular chance shots. You can bet on your creativity to enhance your property. Taking your time, at your own pace, your ideas will be carriers of eminently positive possibilities. Dosed boldness, creativity, external support, here is the ideal ground to make the point on the right foot.


The Trine of Saturn and Jupiter make you feel an intense need to set yourself apart from others and vote social environment, as tired of compromise, your absolutism makes you rebel you against any form of human injustice. It is the ideal time to demonstrate to the big day your creativity which may prove to be in the arts, as well as in your profession or your love... Your attachment to the past will no longer be an obstacle to progress in sight, your ambitions are freer, lucky supports you, and it's time to claim what is due to you. It will be necessary to measure your expression to those you love, because you may be too steep in your emotional expression and thus you surprised not to receive attention to which you aspire. Admit that it would be too much damage.


You will experience positive spikes especially between February and July. Indeed, Saturn inflows coupled with those of Venus in aspect to your natal Sun make you go through phases d' total recklessness followed by moments of discouragement and body fatigue. You will be able to stabilize these waves in more relaxing you through therapies related to water, and entertainment from the most simple steps and even basic. There is no shame to delve into a film even it is not distinguished by its subtlety! A few sensual excesses will paradoxically positively vitalize you and bring you amazing tone. Too much austerity of the senses worthless you, remember, to the wise...

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