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Horoscope profile Aries

[March 21 - April 20]

horoscope profile ariesNatives of this sign are energetic, courageous and also impassioned beings, who are ready to take up all challenges because they enjoy action and adventure more than anything else...

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Horoscope profile Taurus

[April 21 - May 21]

horoscope profile taurusThey deeply enjoy life in all its forms. Sensual and charming, curious about everything, they are also great art lovers...

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Horoscope profile Gemini

[May 22 - June 21]

horoscope profile geminiIn the zodiac, natives of Gemini are most enigmatic. Simultaneously rational and hyper-emotive, they are two people in one...

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Horoscope profile Cancer

[June 22 - July 22]

horoscope profile cancerVery attached to their roots, natives of Cancer are often nostalgic and frequently take refuge in their own world when they feel bad...

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Horoscope profile Leo

[July 23 - August 22]

What looks! What a seducer! As radiant as a summer sun, natives of Leo see life ‘big’...

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Horoscope profile Virgo

[August 23 - September 22]

horoscope profile virgoThey show real finesse in their judgment, are famous for their analytical skills and their critical sense, which is appreciable in difficult situations...

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Horoscope profile Libra

[September 23 - October 22]

horoscope profile libraOn a perpetual quest for balance, natives of Libra excel at interaction with others, communication and generally become excellent mediators, seeking to maintain harmony and justice...

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Horoscope profile scorpio

[October 23 - November 22]

horoscope profile scorpioAlthough natives of Scorpio have a slightly overrated reputation of being self-destructive, their sign is nevertheless full of energy...

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Horoscope profile Sagittarius

[November 23 - December 21]

horoscope profile sagittariusLike valiant knights, natives of Sagittarius are filled with enthusiasm for noble causes, which support their deep sense of justice and great generosity...

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Horoscope profile Capricorn

[December 22 - January 20]

horoscope profile capricornNatives of Capricorn are solitary beings, rather focused on their inner self, and find it hard to externalize their emotions...

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Horoscope profile Aquarius

[January 21 - February 19]

horoscope profile aquariusYou will want to celebrate, laugh, sing and dance... Today, you will play the fool, joke and generally be silly!!!...

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Horoscope profile Pisces

[February 20 - March 20]

horoscope profile piscesPisces is a mysterious sign. Natives of Pisces are very intuitive and perceive their environment extensively...

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